Chelsea FC’s legend, Didier Drogba and former Miss France Sonia Rolland, joined hundreds of African nationals and activists to protest at the Libyan embassy in Paris on Saturday, over the government’s failure to tackle human smuggling, thus adding more victims to the already growing slave market.

The protesters carried placards which read “No to slavery in Libya,” as they gathered at the Libyan Embassy just before marching towards the Champs-Elysees chanting “Free our brothers,” “Let’s liberate Africa,” “We are black, we are human!”, where they were stopped by riot police cordons.

However the activists and protesters were dispersed with tear gas after a clash broke out, following their protest against the Libyan Government silence on Slave market where men were priced at as little as $400 with auctions launched at many sites across Libya each month.

CNN however reports that the Libyan government launched a probe into slave auctions operating in the country, including areas controlled by the UN-backed Government of National Accord, after the news agency showed footage of migrants being sold at a location outside Tripoli.

Source: CNN