Renowned Nigerian Music producer, ID Cabasa said he was slapped by a police officer while on his way home on Tuesday night.

The veteran producer expressed his annoyance concerning the way he was treated by the police when he was on a ride in an Uber vehicle which he boarded.

ID Cabasa stated that while on his journey, the vehicle he was in almost got hit by a Range Rover which was driven by ‘big man.’

According to ID Cabasa, the scenario triggered an argument, which made a policeman slap him.

ID Cabasa could not hold his grief from his ordeal with the police, but decided to go ahead and share it on Instagram.

He said, “I had a very unfortunate incident tonight which really shows how rotten we’ve become as a people! I can categorically say that Nigerians are the problem, not Nigeria!

“The country (landmass) is not the problem but the Nation (People) are the problem. Okay, tonight, a young fellow Nigerian guy driving a Range Rover sport drove rough nearly hitting the UBER I was in on my way back home with a friend!

Speaking further, he said, “The UBER guy was so scared and was trying to talk to the range guy but typical rich man-poor man tussle, the range guy overtook us and asked police guys guarding a club near bay lounge to slap the driver, I came down to have a conversation with the Range guy and in all sincerity we were having a gentleman’s discussion before the police guy he spoke to earlier started pushing me and guarding me from talking to the guy! In a nutshell, the police guy SLAPPED me!!!!

“Then people gathered, recognized me and bam he started begging!!! Sigh!

“How did we come to lose our humanity for vanity?

“Why give the gun to a person who is emotionally unbalanced and unintelligent? I wept inside my heart because it would have been a different case of chancing if it was not me.”

Source: Information Nigeria