Film director, Paul Igwe said the movie ‘’social media 101’’ is all about people’s lifestyle on social media.

Speaking as a guest on the programme ”Today on STV”, the brain behind the ‘’Social Media 101’’, stated that he supports the use of social media, but people should not be carried away with what is on social media.

Mr Paul also stated that he has directed a lot of movies, and from time to time, he wanted what people can relate with which made him delve into the movie, ‘’Social Media 101’’

Speaking further on the reason he came up with the social media movie, he said it is about high life of people on social media; which is the real and fake life. Mr Paul mentioned some of the cast on the movies which are: Keneth Okolie, Charles Iloje, Mary Lazarus and others.

The director and producer of a popular TV series, Klinic Matters said he delved into comedy, which people accepted,  giving an example of Klinic Matters; stressing that, he then held on to comedy.

On excelling in the entertainment industry, he said it is not about telling one’s story, but telling the story that people want to hear; emphasizing that, he is still in the industry because he is trying to give the people what they want.

Concerning directing and having an edge, the prolific director stated that, he tries his best to understand his position for the actors will understand him, and also go through the script with them, stressing that it  is the reason they call him actors’ director.

In the area performance, Mr. Paul said, when one don’t understand the job and do it so well, he will not have any issue, emphasizing that has not had any challenge with any actor.

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