Fast rising social trends analysts Bosun, said he is scared to walk on the road because Nigerians are tagged as criminals.

Speaking on the social trends show, ‘’Extra Sauce’’; Dotun stated that he is sad concerning all the things that has been happening around, especially on social media.

Bosun, picking up the issues one after the other, talked about what the policemen did to popular personality called Bobrisky.

Speaking further, Bosun said that one hundred policemen came to raid Borisky’s birthday, stressing that Nigerian police are always ready to be involved in such things.

Still on the case of the policemen, Bosun siad, there are issues concerning the police that needed to be addressed stressing that it has now become a norm for them to harass people for nothing.

Bosun pleading on government to act, said the police force needs to be revamped, emphasizing that the police harass people because of their dressing, appearance and refer to them as ‘’Yahoo Boys.’’

To back up his point, Bosun gave other instances where by the police have harassed people like: the harassment meted on a Nigerian musician referred to as Zlatan Ibile, and a footballer; for driving benz.


In another development, he talked about a boy that jumped into lagoon, because he wanted to escape from the police, and the girl that was beaten and raped by the police.

Bosun expressing his concern, said, the police force needs to be revamped, urging the government to look in to the issues and address them.

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