Fast rising Social Trend Analyst Bosun, said people should leave renowned internet personality Bobrisky Alone.
Bosun speaking on ” Xtra Sauce” Bosun said Nigerians should leave Bobrisky alone because there are other salient issues to talk about, not that of Bobrisky.
Analyst Bosun also stated that there are other stories to be discussed like the trending stories of 80 Nigerians that were arrested by FBI in America; and young promising Billionaire Obiwanye Okeke, who was said to have committed fraud worth 12 million US dollars.
Elucidating further, Bosun stated that, the story concerning Nigerians involved in fraud, were said to have conspired to scam people and companies.
Bosun stressed that instead of people to be concerned about the their nationality, they were making ethnic sentimental statement, saying that the 80 people were all Igbos.
Considering all the issues, Bosun said Nigerians have been nationally disgraced and supposed to concentrate on the bad name.According to Bosun, on the same matter, a misplaced priority came up when Otunba Olusegun Runsewe said Lagos socialite Bobrisky is a disgrace.
Bosun in his objective conclusion asked an objective question, saying, how does Bobrisky affect Nigerians in anyway? Emphasizing that people should leave Bobrisky alone.
On the statement that Otunba Olusegun Runsewe made concerning Bobrisky, Bosun said Otunba should go and fix the National Theatre which falls within his job description.; and leave Bobrisky alone.