Fast rising artist Rhap Picazo said himself and other artists were not dropping songs when they were in YBNL

Speaking as a guest on ‘’Today On STV’’ the rap sensation said, since he dropped his first freestyle, many people have been showing him love, and the response has been positive.

On his experience in YBNL Nation record label, he stated that, when he was in YBNL him and other people were just recording songs but not releasing songs even as people were expecting a lot from them.

Concerning contracts, Picazo stated that he was not signed to YBNL, but was only given a platform to showcase his talent to the world to let people know about what he does.

Before this development, Olamide, heard of Picazo Rhap’s talent, and his exploits on social media leaving music enthusiast in awe of his lyrical depth. As a result of this feat, Olamide immediately brought Picazo to YBNL Records.

Talking about the music industry, the talented rap artist said he is currently signed to a record label called Senior Boys record label.


This development occurred after the indigenous rapper and social media sensation made the announcement of his exit on Twitter.

On the way forward, Picazo said he has a new song titled: ‘’Pray For Me’’

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