An outstanding video from a dance group called the ‘’Gold Caviar Crew’’ is seriously trending especially on the social media.

The energetic dance group is made up of four gorgeous beautiful ladies, who are born, raised and based in Vienna Austria.

Speaking as guests on ‘’Today On STV’’, one of the dancers Temiloluwa Obeyemi said the director of the Vienna Fashion Week invited them to perform at the event, and told them that they should run and also dance, during the show.

On the way they met each other, she said they knew each other for long, as they started at age 13 in a community, while their parents started as first generation in a community in Vienna, Austria.

Speaking further, another dancer Jessica Williams said there were two dance groups, but they decided to combine the two dance groups to one, which they have today.

Concerning the video going viral, another dancer, in the group whose parents are Nigerians, Chigozie Ogbuebele revealed that they started with little views until people stated liking the video, which made them also repost.

On the moments at the event, it was vividly recorded that the Gold Caviar literally closed the show at Vienna Fashion Week 2018 with, walking for AMBA’s Colours of Africa collection.

So far, the video which is trending on social media started from their performance at the at the Vienna Fashion Week 2018.