Creative and renowned Nigerian rapper Folarin Falana well known as Falz, said one of his challenges is to constantly be the creative rapper he is known to be.

Falz who currently own an independent record label called Bahd Guys Record, revealed this while speaking to Silverbird Television ‘Entertainment Weekly’ said the job is very demanding and tasking.

Speaking further, the rapper who has to his credit, the album ‘wazup Guy’ the job is something he has always been ready to do as passion is what drives him.

On his music career, immediate career and other sources of income, he said they all pay and he has been able to merge both of them together.

Putting more light on the challenges from his own angle, the song writer and actor sated that  it is hard to get up and harder to stay up, emphasizing that consistency is key.

As regards his marital status, Falz revealed that he is not married and searching, then went further to describe the king of lady he wants.

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