Renowned Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia has found herself in an atmosphere of mourning, after hearing of the sudden death of her father.

Annie who is married to Nigerian music legend, 2Face Idibia lost her father to cancer in the early hours of today.

While announcing the news of his death, Annie recounted the time she spent with her father, revealing that he fought so hard to survive from the disease, but to no avail. Speaking further, she said:

“This year started for me quite tough. I spent the first three months of this year in the hospital with my father because he had been sick for a while but God has been great and I am grateful. I am actually closer to my mother than my father because she raised us single-handedly. My father is still my father and since he was sick we had to rally round him.

Growing up with only my mother really affected my life and I suffered and I do not ever want my children to face the agony of not having both parents together because it was so hard for us. Even right now, the way the world is, children are more enlightened than we were in our days, so the pressure would be harder on the kids from broken homes right now. I do not want my children to ever experience that.”

Annie took to her Instagram to express her emotions concerning her father’s demise. She wrote,

“R I P Daddy You Fought Hard #cancersucks #thePainIsGone”

It would be recalled that Annie recently called fans to order on social media when she said she didn’t want to be referred to as just 2Face’s wife. The dark-skinned beauty reminded them that she has an identity outside that of her husband’s and also pointed out that she has other achievements going on for her that shouldn’t be relegated just because she is 2Face’s wife.