Versatile Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna, has responded to the rumours of him divorcing his wife as he refutes, and said that he is not divorced.

To confirm his response, the movie star said, his wife is presently in Europe with their son and their relationship is still cordial.

From his statement he revealed that,You are not divorced until you are divorced. So am not divorced, my wife and I, we are cool. She is back in Europe with my son and he is schooling there in Europe. My wife got her business going on and school at the same time.”

Hearing from the horses’ mouth, the actor’s statement has cleared the air of rumours that his marriage to Sonia Lareinaa has collapsed.

Considering the prolific actor’s view and admonishment concerning marriage some months back, IK Ogbonna stated that 90% of marriages out there are unhappy and wear fake smiles.

Being concerned about the topic, the talented actor took to his Instagram page on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 dishing out inspiring advice about marriage to youths, saying that:

“Our generation must change their approach to marriage for the sake of the next generation. This is not just for me as an individual but for those who need it. 90% of marriages are unhappy and wear fake smiles and pretend to be happy while depression is the case. First, we must remember that u married a friend, a support system, not an enemy or competition. You are now one.

And since u chose that person out of a world population of over 7 billion ppl, ur job is to protect that person always and make each other happy “Most people get married believing a myth. They believe that marriage is a beautiful box full of things they have longed for… companionship, intimacy, friendship, etc.”