Talented Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia, on Friday accepted that she made a mistake after appearing nude on an Instagram call to MC Galaxy.

When reacting through comments on her social media profile, she attributed her performance to a challenge she was dealing with, that seemed like a problem in her romance.

Etinosa expressed gestures which has to do with moving on from the incident, while maintaining a confidence about her body. With more emphasis, she said:

“I made a mistake that I do not ever want to repeat. No man is perfect but we must continue to strive for perfection.

“The big blunder has occurred and I would love to move on. Me, my pot belly and the rest of my beautiful body,”

Speaking further, Etinosa promised not to give nudity a chance any longer.

When a viral video showing Etinosa Idemudia undressing herself on IG hit the social media audience, MC Galaxy had his share of criticism for allowing the display to go.

Despite his claim that he was powerless, the singer was blamed for not doing enough to prevent the regrettable show.

As a result, he has announced that he won’t be taking the fall if ever such an incident reoccurs.

“Next time I won’t take the blame again,” says MC Galaxy who mentioned that his IG session will continue weekly as always.

He goes on to advise his audience not to call in naked.

Look below for the video