The recent news about Nigerian music star Iyanya, and his former business partner, Ubi Franklyn having a sour relationship has become heated a heated one.

The latest information on Ubi and Iyanya’s story from ‘Today on STV’ has it that, Iyanya has been granted interviews with some media houses to reveal more truths about the story.

Amongst the interview he was granted was the one he had with popular OAP Daddy Freeze, recently.

Iyanya in the interview with, Daddy Freeze, explained that Ubi Franklyn’s receipts are fake, claiming that Ubi his business partner, did not give him anything.

He stated later that he does not want anything from Ubi stressing that he has given Ubi the company.

On the reason he took the decision of leaving everything to Ubi, Iyanya said, ‘since Ubi wants to die for the company, he will give him the company and start from the scratch’

Iyanya revealing the major reasons behind his decision to let the company go, said he was partly carried along when the documentation of the record label was carried out, which led to Iyanya revealing that, a former label mate Emma Nyra gave them the name Made Men.

Stating further, he said:

“The name Made Men was given to us by Emma Nyra. We all sat down and she said I see you guys are young guys, you guys are all struggling and I think Made Men would be a good name and we all just caught it like that and we said yea let’s work with that,”

On Tekno’s issue, Iyanya cleared the air on the information that he hates Tekno,  Iyanya said:

“Tekno told me that he won’t lie to me that since Duro came out that he has made over N30M. I had gotten only N145K from Tekno’s career for the whole time. Do you know why I was this open to him? I didn’t want him to think I was just here on the boss side, chopping your money and the whole thing, so I was like bro why would I hate you? I don’t even take your money…that’s how much I love you, I don’t go for your money because I know you are young and you just started so whatever you are making now, I cant struggle that stuff with you. He was like no no no bro…i don’t think you understand me, I have made over N30M from Duro. That was the first fight I had with Ubi, it was so serious,”

Concerning registration of the company’s name, Iyanya revealed that, after putting his name, Ubi went ahead to remove his name and inserted that of his family members, stressing that, he discovered when some told hom to go to CAC to check himself; then Ubi begged him when he found out the truth.

Iyanya in his concluding words stated that Ubi Franklin has ruined many lives, emphasizing that he has advised him to change.

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