Renowned Disc Jockey DJ Neptune, has featured Davido in his new love song and single titled: ‘Demo’

The song ‘Demo’ is creating a lot of positive atmosphere that it will get massive air play and attract a lot of music enthusiast to it in all ramifications.

DJ Neptune, the brain behind the song ‘Demo’ revealed the idea behind the song, saying that it  was inspired by a damsel they both (himself and Davido) met with while on request for putting together “Sounds Of Neptune” (his forthcoming album).

According to the award winning DJ, he revealed that,’ ‘Demo’ is a song that truly projects that perfect gentleman/lover that Davido is when it comes to the affairs of women, he truly sang his heart out on the song like he has never ever experienced what love is, like in reality, he is looking for love’.

From the nature of the song, it has been discovered that, it is a mid-tempo jam that talks about how the singer expresses his inexplicable feelings to a woman that he beholds.

From the lyrics, part of it goes: The hook “Oh bae bae baby o, e get fee fee fee feeling o wey i dey feeli for my my body ooo, make i dey demo” which is one of the best hooks i have heard on a song in the last couple of years and the best i have heard this year tells the woman he’s misbehaving just because of what he feels for her. The hook is pure fire!!!

Watch video below: