The season and day specially set aside to celebrate women, International Women’s Day did not go by without the unveiling of some symbolic feminine initiatives.

To make the initiatives a reality, some special female guests like Nigeria’s beauty queen Anita Ukah, Cussi Tobby, and Esther Adeyemo visited the Silverbird Television studio on the programme ‘Today on STV’ as they shared their ideas and contribution to make the colourful day set aside for women, worthwhile.

Esther Adeyemo who has passion for women stated that she has an event coming up in April called Shit Bustop, stressing that the idea is about interviewing some women who are into business and are ready to share stories surrounding their business to encourage other women.

As for Cusi Tobby, the executive director of Girl Hub Africa, who also have passion for women development, she opened up that she studied law but have a passion for media and discovered that young women do not want to serve before they building whatever they want to build.

Nigeria’s beauty queen Anita Ukah shared her contributions as she revealed that, it is not about the glamour, urguging women to empower the society in the way they can.