The sexual Abuse allegation concerning renowned singer R Kelly, is getting heated  as the embattled singer has denied the allegation a recent allegation against him, in a recent ‘CBS Morning Interview’ with Gayle King.

In the interview that made R Kelly burst into tears with deep emotions,  he revealed that the allegations that he has sexually, emotionally, and physically abused women and girls for decades are “stupid”, “not true”, and “not fair”.

Speaking further, R Kelly stated that, “I didn’t do this stuff, this is not me, I’m fighting for my [expletive] life,” as the voice of the singer went cracking, while he subbed.


On the Morning interview which came less than two weeks after Kelly was released on $100,000 bail after being charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse against four victims, it was also revealed that three of them were between the ages of 13 and 17 when their alleged attacks took place in the the alleged incidents that dates back as far as May 1998.

Prosecutors allege that Kelly met one of the underaged victims at a restaurant where she was celebrating her 16th birthday party, and that he met another victim when she got his autograph after attending his trial for child abuse images in Chicago in 2008. He was acquitted in that case.

The criminal charges in Illinois followed increasing scrutiny and protests over allegations of Kelly’s abuse of young girls and women, including parents who publicly accused Kelly of holding women against their will in what was described as an abusive and controlling “cult, and a new documentary, Surviving R Kelly, in which women who said they had been victimized by the singer shared their stories.

In Tuesday’s tense interview, Kelly at times suggested the allegations against him were absurd, appealing to viewers’ “common sense”, and at other times said it was unfair to constantly return to his history. He emphasized that he had been acquitted in one case already.

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