Fast rising Nigerian music star Osayomo Joseph well known as Jay Tunes, said for him to be relevant in the industry, consistency and focus are the qualities he needs to imbibe.

While speaking as a guest on ‘Entertainment News’ the a graduate of Anatomy from the Delta State University stated that he loves music, stressing that if one loves something, he won’t let it go, regardless of age, time and circumstances.

On the cost of running a label in Nigeria, a record label owner Lucky Oshevire said, it is not really easy because it is capital intensive and involves a lot of money emphasizing that one does not know when the money will come back.

In the area of proffering solution to the problem, his manager said, to savage the situation; the government can come in to give aids to artists.

Jay Tunes also mentioned some factors which stand as barriers to the success of upcoming artists, sighting an example that there was a time he begs people to play his songs, but now, has a financial backing.

The former Nigerian Idol contestant also mentioned tribalism as another factor, as he is emphasized that people ask to know his state of origin before they do anything with him, stressing that, the tribalism syndrome has been limiting some people who want to grow.

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