Overtime, the glamour, activities, sensation, aura and atmosphere that surrounds beach parties, go a long way to bring the excitement every beach lover anticipates when he or she gets to the actual scene; but the dress code for a beach party is one aspect that stands out in all these.

The Shea Moisture Beach event has taken place and the participants have shared their experience on the essentials for a beach party, most especially from the aspect of dress code.

Silverbird Television foremost fashion show ‘Page 3’ was live at the event as the host Tolu, got the views and juicy details of participants about the dress code, and essentials concerning a beach party and the event.

As for Adebayo Lawal who had fun, said he prefers to be at the beach party compared to a house party.

Another beach party enthusiast had a different opinion, she said it is a nice idea, because the event had a dress code which he called the tropical beach dress code


One other participant said she does not have anything in terms of dress code just as others have said they have tropical dress code, but she just came for the party

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