The unique idea in using entertainers to pass vital messages to the people took another dimension as Innocent Idibia, well known as 2 Baba endorsed the movie, “Power Of 1” as a change agent.

Speaking as guest on  “Entertainment Gist”, 2 Baba revealed that the movie for him sends a message for everyone to know that, all the great nations in the world and the things that are happening are not film tricks, but reality and are occurrences that actually involve human beings.

Speaking further he stated that, many times it is very easy to point accusing fingers, using platforms like Twitter and Instagram page, thereby turning a blind eye to a victim in an issue.

Explaining the true meaning of the movie, he said one person can make a change happen, or ignite a change to take place, especially when others understand the dream and what they need to fight for.

As for Annie his wife, she stated that, most of things that happened in the movie were true stories she actually lived within the lines, using herself as a vivid example.

As for the realistic aspect of the story, Annie stated that, the movie was so realistic that she started sobbing after acting those realistic roles, which made her look like she was the actual person that such event happened to.

In her closing words, she urged everyone to see the movie because it is an inspiring movie, stressing that, as an actress that played a role, she was inspired.

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