Foremost Nigerian comedian and entertainer Ayo Makun, well known as AY, has made N228million naira from the movie titled: ‘” Merry Men”.

The national Film and Video Censors Board ranked the most financially successful Nollywood movies released in the cinemas last year, delivering a listof the top 10 highest-grossing Nollywood films of 2018.

Ayo Makun’s 2018 thriller-comedy, “Merry Men”-earned it’s place as the highest grossing film in 2018 by a long stretch, reaching N228 million by the end of the year.

According to a reliable source, the popular comedian expressed his interest for the movie making business, saying that movie making is good for his brand as an entertainer with a promise to do better in emphasising it as his major intention for 2019.

He said, “My projections for 2019 is that the year is going to be a plus. Of course, the AY brand will come up with another movie this year but we are taking our steps one at a time but we would do another one this year.

 We would always get involved because movie making is good for the AY brand, so I have no reason to stop,”.

On the reaction of his fans concerning the movie, AY said,

“ The fans love it and Merry Men turned out to be the biggest and highest grossing movie for the year 2018. It could be better so, why will not come out with another one. in 2019.”

Other movies that also made much impact were: Kemi Adetiba’s sophomore film, King of Boys followed in second place, with an incredibly impressive ₦104 million in just over two months.

December release, such as Chief Daddy, which also set a box office record, God Calling and Knockout Blessing are understandably missing from the rankings, as their financial success has not reached that of films that had longer to accumulate sales.