Nigeria’s foremost comedian, Alibaba says that comedians in Nigeria are earning good money from comedy.

Speaking as a guest on the fast rising programme “Today On STV”, Alibaba also said that Nigerian comedians are getting good money from shows now, compared to some years back.

The comedian who is regarded by most people as the father of Nigerian comedy said, the comedy industry has grown so large and there are more shows this year, compared to the previous years.

Stressing with evidence, he stated that, while AY  just finished his house recently, Basket Mouth is about to finish his luxury apartment, both on Banana Island.

Speaking further, using one of his popular shows, “Alibaba’s January 1st Concert” as an example of the prospects in the industry, he revealed that it is a way to relate with the public in the area of boosting the creative industry.

The comedian who is also known as an entrepreneur, also revealed that people build houses from the make-up business.

Expressing his happiness about the development in the comedy industry, Alibaba stated that comedians that were paid averagely, are now earning higher than they used to be paid.

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