The saying that the world will never be complete without women will always have relevance when a topic about women is raised.

In such topics it is very obvious that issues, activities, discussions that centers on women will definitely be raised. Women have a lot of things to talk about, like relationships, marriage, family, personal life etc.

‘’What women want’’, is a show on Silverbird Television is where such issues bothering women is are discussed and expressed.

Speaking on the show, Shade ladipo, a TV presenter said, women are better cheats than men, as she shared her view about all that relationship between a man and women entails.

She said further that, men do not cheat but women are more professional in cheating on their men, sighting a case that a woman can cheat without felling remorse, but act confidently in the presence of her man and the person she and her both cheated.

The discussion continued with Jason Amusa reminding people in relationships that their relationship may not or does not necessarily lead to marriage, or settling down

Mimi Onalaja the host, shared her view as she said, she has always heard that men cannot have one partner, and all they want to do is to explore they want to explore.

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