To enhance sustainable economic development in Nigeria, some factors need to be considered.

Factors like the facilitation, promotion and development of a structured and efficient Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) should be put into consideration.

One fast way in which the above can be effectively achieved is when skill acquisition is fully recognised or practically put into consideration.

Popular Nigerian comedian Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome popularly known as Alibaba has thrown his weight behind Skill acquisition, and make up artistry, recognising it as a way to solve economic problems.

Speaking during at a makeup training graduation  ceremony in Lagos, the veteran comedian said the creative industry offers Nigerian youths limitless opportunities to be self reliant and solve the problem of insatiable quest for white collar jobs.

Sating further in the area of make up artistry, the standup comedian said people have gone with it into movies, stressing thatthe modeling and fashion industry is growing, models are beginning to depend on fashion designers and makeup artists to achieve their aim,  not leaving the cameramen and photographers behind, stressing that are beginning to get more relevance

Alibaba also revealed that he believes the skill acquisition programme is very good because it is the growth of SME, which is the bedrock of any economy.

skill acquisition has always been publicized over the years but another dimension much related to it, that has not been harnessed effectively, is the entrepreneurial and business aspect.

An instructor, Sarah Nwosu said that training students on some skills is one thing, but teaching them on the business and enterprise aspect is very key, sressing that this is a world of entrepreneurial development,  and emphasizing that they are not just taught the skill but how to take it outside the world and be able to be self reliant.

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