About  three decades ago, the comedy business in Nigeria was no where to be found, not until few set of people brought positive change to the industry.

Then, the industry was not lucrative and there were some notions that it will not yield any positive thing if one delves into it.

It even got to a situation whereby parents of those that delved into comedy, started looking at them as insane persons, because the likelihood of making money from it was slimmer, no sponsors, and support, which at the end discouraged those that had interest.

The likes Alibaba, Basket Mouth, AY, Gordons, I Go Die, and others have made a mark in the industry, in all dimensions, leaving a mark for younger comedians.

Today, one of the young comedians like Akpororo who has been the rave of the moment, in a bid to pass a legacy to his generation has come out to tell Nigerians that young talents should be encouraged.

While Speaking to Silverbird correspondents during one of his shows held in Okoko, the ace comedian said they have to give back to society by nurturing and mentoring upcoming talents around.

In his words, he said the shows he has been organising is a pay back because they live amongst young talents and the younger talents need to know what they are capable of doing.

Some comedians at the event also commended Akpororo for the event and promoting young talents as one of them said it is a pay back to the society and where he built his career from.

Look below for video.