One of Africa’s most influential musician of the 21st century, Majek Fashek said Bob Marley Family’s  gave him 100,000 dollars when he lost the Interscope contract

The Raggea Legend stated that Bob Marley’s  family helped him because he sounded like their father, mentioning Bob Marley’s wife and Mrs, Casandra as those that also encouraged him.

Speaking as a guest to Entertainment Weekly, Bob Marley said When he was a kid he listened to Victor Uwaifo his uncle, Ebenezer Obey, stressing that Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and Bob Marley inspired him.

Concerning the Interscope deal woth 20,000 dolars, Majek Fashek revealed that the problem with the interscope deal started when some boys he took along to New York betrayed him, as they to the Americans that Majek and his team is a Band.

Explaining further, Majek said he is the head of the ‘’Prisoner of Conscience Movement’’, just because he is humble they took advantage of him, which made him produce two albums instead of five albums.

On the message he has for Nigeria, he said he has ‘’Send Down The Rain’’ which is the Rain he is sending to Nigeria as a rain of sound health, sanity.

.In his closing words, Majek encouraged the young musician to learn at least one instrument, saying music is like fashion which can change.

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