Breach of contract intellectual property theft, illegal content distribution, has become a major topic in the entertainment industry.

The Lagos State Chamber Of Commerce International Arbitration Centre, has held a round table meeting with practitioners and other stake holders concerning the issue.

Silverbird Television was present at the event as the converner Funmi Iyayi, and other guests like, MI who shared his view saying that he hope to see government do what it says it will do in the aspect of Intellectual Property Rights.

Funmi said, the event was organise to discuss the intellectual property rights, and protection stressing that stakeholders like the legal expert who is an entertainment law expert and one who writes the music, representing the music publishers are concerned.

She state further that, if one writes the song, another will sings the song, someone else monetizes the song, and another person makes money from selling of the song, asking how the money will be shared.

As for Veteran broadcaster, Soni Irabor, he says it is not the fault of the middle men but lack of awareness on the part of music creators, film makers, composers, performers, revealing that they need to be more aware of their role in making things work.

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