The question or issue about whether a celebrity or an entertainer should live a private life has over time been discussed with inclusive answers getting stuck in the air.

While some people are of the view that celebrities are entertainers, so should expose their privacy if they want money, others are saying that they need their privacy, especially off the stage.

Renowned Nollywood actress and producer Chika Ike, has shared her views concerning her life on and off stage the stage.

Speaking as a guest on the fast rising entertainment show, “Entertainment Weekly”, Chika said, when it comes to her private life she is open and have no regrets about her acting profession.

The actress who is also the producer of the movie “Miss Teacher” stated that whatever happens to her is predestined to happen, but only have lessons to be learnt.

Speaking further, Chika, while expressing her views concerning her reaction to rumours of negative news about herself, Chika revealed that she only filter comments, work on them and do not allow it to affect her.

Concerning her sexual life, chika said everyone knows she is open to her sexuality, emphasising that she is a working progress in her movie career and so far, her fan base have been able to appreciate her.