It may sound strange that most people use the popular abbreviation “DJ”; enjoy what they do, but do not know the actual meaning.

The Nigerian music industry has become more interesting and appealing to entertainment lovers with the recent emergence of quality Disk Jockeys like DJ CrowdKontroller.

The fast rising Disk Jockey, CrowdKontroller says, he is standing on his own lane and does not have any one competing with him.

DJ CrowdKontroller, who is also known as Mr. Chike, while speaking on the programme ‘’Today on STV’’, said he has been a DJ for four years.

He said he started his career with weddings and other events, until he started travelling outside the country for shows and events, last year.

Talking about getting results and being effective, he said, the job of a DJ is not as easy as people think, but it is still the job of the DJ to control the crowd and give them what they want..

He stated that, one of the most effective and fastest way to know what the crowd wants is to have look at them, from the angle of age group, which will tell the kind of music they will like. He also said, “You can go into an event and everybody is dull, the work of the DJ is to get everybody hyper”.

He also said, it is important and paramount to read and study the mood of the crowd, emphasizing that the job of a DJ is more of a mental job than a physical one.

Talking about his career, his cost per show, and achievement, he revealed that, DJs are booked based on their personalities, and he has controlled 15,000 people during a show in New York, which is the highest number in his career.

In his closing words, he said when he told his parents that he wants to be a DJ after his masters degree, they were not in support of the idea, emphasising that DJ Cuppy has now made parents understand that their children could be DJs.