One of Nigeria’s foremost Mix Engineers, Focus Ramon said, there are lots of thrash music in Nigeria at the moment.

Speaking as a guest on the programme “Today on STV”, the Lagos born Musical Icon said, he is different from other sound engineers because he is a “self taught” sound engineer, meaning he can do anything himself, without tutelage.

Ramon said most people go to the studio to do anything; but he likes to try his best to produce music, make it good and professional; unlike what other people produce which he see as “thrash”.

He stated further that, he is like a make-up artist that makes up anything that is not properly placed, stressing that he is gifted such area.

The graduate of Computer Science from Covenant University also said, “you can’t separate the genius from the crazy”, meaning that some artist are talented but act in a crazy manner and the craziness does not stop their artistry or talent from manifesting.

Focus also commented on some artists he enjoys working with, elevating Falz as number one on his list, as the likes of Tiwa Salvage, Danfo Driver, Burna boy, Pasuma, Tu-Face were also mentioned.

He said further that, in music, there are some boundaries he needs to broke, which is the reason he is working with artists that are on the same frequency with him, emphasizing that Falz will always be his practical example because he has been working him for years.

Concerning music as a profession, he revealed that, he came into the industry because he wanted to rap, but discovered it was not his area of specialization.

He concluded, saying that he will like to work with Rihanna, claiming that he has started working with Damian Marley, but won’t give details of the work.