Philip Atume

Ruffles, a  piece of fabric tightly gathered and pleated at one edge of a clothing, applied as a sort of trimming, is getting attention from fashion freaks in split seconds.

Even though ruffles has been existing since the 16th century, Fast Rising Fashion Show “Page 3 on STV”, uncovered the “Ruffles and Frills” major comeback.

According to Page 3, ruffles are very fashionable and give somewhat dramatic look and can add beauty to a good hand bag or shoes.

It was also revealed that, Ruffles are used to decorate Skirts, Blouses, and Even Jackets, with an affirmation that, there is a ruffle look for everyone.

Some of them are: bold ruffle fun dress, jeans, frill of the shoulder top, or delicately led feminine dress.