By Philip Atume

Fashion enthusiasts Kayito Nwokezi, Jumoke Salami, Tunbosun Shodare and Afolabi Aiyela have shared their views about the latest trends in the fashion world.

Appearing as guests on the Fast Rising Fashion program “Page 3 on STV”, they made their personal analysis about the latest fashion trends.

The areas of hair Lobs, Exaggerated sleeves, Pajamas & Lingerie and Super Short-short fashion trends, were in focus.

Jumoke said, she tried using the Lob once, but her hair later had a terrible look; but Tunbosun applauded the exaggerated sleeves, stating that, it makes ones outfit trendy and beautiful.

As for Kayito Nwokezi he said, the PJ should be restricted to the bedroom alone.

Afolabi Aiyela revealed that the Short-Short it is sexy and would definitely get the second look; but Jumoke detested his view saying, it is not sexy for guys because she does not want to see their Cassava legs.