The Nigeria Nollywood industry is well established but the animation is less so. However a ground breaking project in 2016 started changing things.

Dawn of Thunder tells the story of Sango, a Yoruba god of thunder, created in komotion centre, a leading animation house in Lagos.

Kolawole Olanrewaju, the CEO of Komotion studio told our correspondent that “What the studio was trying to do was to tell the African story in Africa way using technology and tools that will portray them properly. People have realized that it is going to be an economy booster in the long run.

Animators in Nigeria have traditionally worked on commercial and brand marketing. The Potential reach of animation has not been fully explored.

According to Chioma Onyewe, animation is growing at the slower pace than Nollywood in general but the audience is growing.

Animation is growing due to accessible technology online. Dawn of thunder and Black Panther have shown what animation and visual effect can do. Nigeria animation can yet become as Nollywood.