Nigerians have spent €5,315,220 on visa applications to Europe; 2018 statistics by SchengenVisainfo reveals.

The reports also stated that, applicants who were refused visa spent €2,644,560 of the same amount.

The statistics also indicated that in 2018, Schengen embassies and consulates in Nigeria processed 88,587 visa applications, 44,076 of which were rejected.

The Deputy Editor at SchengenVisaInfo, Granit Sadiku,who signed the report  said:

“With this, Nigeria had the highest rejection rate of 49.8 per cent among all third-countries in need of visas,” the report,

It was also revealed in the report that, France was the top favourite country for visa submission, as 33,308 of the applications submitted in Nigeria were for Schengen visas to France, followed by Italy with 13,295 and Germany with 10,847 applications.

Furthermore in the report, it was stated that, “as from February 2020, Nigerian citizens will need to pay a fee of €80, instead of €60 as they did so far, when applying for a Schengen Visa from Nigeria.”

As for children, it was also reported that, “Children too, will have to pay €40 instead of €35, as it is currently,”

The report added, “Nigerians will be subject to several changes in terms of visa application procedures, rules and benefits, starting from Monday, February 2, 2020.