Some contract staff of Ecobank, on Thursday morning stormed the bank’s head office Victoria Island, to protest against contract staffing system.

The atmosphere at the head office of Ecobank, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, usually known for corporate activities changed on Thursday morning, as some staff came out with placards and banners, to agitate and protest against what they called ‘contract staff.’

According to a Silverbird Television correspondent who was present at the scene, some staff who aired their grief said Ecobank has not treated them well, despite all their dedication towards work and sincere service to the bank for years.

One of the placards that read: ‘how can you pay me 120k for 12 years hard work?. Ecobank paid Peanuts as benefits to loyal staff.’

In an interview with a staff who said he is a victim of the inappropriate payment of entitlements Mr. Oshintola Lekan, stated that he wants Ecobank to pay them their accurate entitlements and cancel contract staffing system.

Speaking further, Mr. Lekan who was laid off some years ago said that some staff have worked for 12, 13, 14 and 15 years but were paid N120,000 -N300,000 naira as entitlements.

On the manner in which they want the payment to be made, Mr. Lekan revealed that, Ecobank should pay the sum of N250,000 naira per year, for the number of years they have worked, to every contract staff that is a victim.

Concerning the issue of contract staff, Mr. Lekan stated that, after they were laid off, Ecobank employed new set of staff who they believe are still contract staff; stressing that contract or casual staffing must stop, emphasizing that it is an act of slavery.