In most cases, ladies fashion cannot be complete without giving attention to the hair.

For a long time, the hair has been a crucial part of women’s fashion for so many reasons.

As for some women or ladies, they are comfortable in spending extra money on their hair because they believe that, apart from the aesthetics, one area any man wants to see first or focus attention on, is the hair.

Based on priority, other ladies prefer to spend more of their time their clothes, shoes and other accessories.

An entrepreneur and hair expert, Sandra Chikwe falls in the group of those ladies that value ladies hair and render services regarding to female hair.

Speaking as a guest on the programme ‘Today On STV’, Sandra said she installs, fix and sell all kinds of female hair, in her hair store.

The CEO of Olive Vine Hair also stated that, because it is a new brand, what she does differently is to always be on sales with discounts.

In the area of competition, she stated that business has not been easy, revealing that even at that, she utilises every avenue to succeed.

On the area of inspiration the hair guru also revealed that , her mother has been a source of inspiration to her.

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