The convener of Ayles Africa connect said that Nigerians have certificate but are not employable.

Speaking as a guest on the show ‘Today on STV’, Sucex Bright  who is in the business of connecting people to those with the right ideas,stated that the Nigerian system has been saturated with people who have certificate but are not employable.

Explaining what Ayles Africa is all about and how it is preferring solution to the situation, Bright said, there is a ‘Train to Gain’ approach, that makes Ayles Connect help career people and business people.

Stating further and explaining how it works, Bright said, they connect people who don’t have time but have money and connecting people who have the time but do not have money.

He also revealed that, it is an initiative that focuses on the youth, explaining that they go beyond helping people come and get inspired, but after two weeks, the inspiration dies down.

In solving the problem, Bright said, said they decided to tell them to bring business ideas and they have collaboration with a business school that will access their ideas and bring people that will support them with funds.

Speaking on the money aspect, he revealed that there are lots of people who have money but need a reliable place to invest the money.

He also said in the past Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has been part their project, like the African Leadership and Economic Summit which is a biennial event.

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