The Chief Operations Officer of Elevation Church Lagos, Mr Tunji Iyiola says, greatness means service to the people.

Speaking as a guest on the fast rising programme ‘’Today on STV”, pastor Tunji who is a major driving force behind the resourceful programme “Vantage Forum” said, the business gathering is also an economic outfit event that is done every year with its fifth edition about to take place this year.

Pastor Tunji also revealed that, another reason for the programme is to gather stake holders who are not necessarily from the church but are interested; like business owners and corporate executives; to be able to talk about what will happen in the course of the year.

From the business angle, he stated that, the reason for the programme is also to give people information, so they can make proper decisions for their businesses career and also gather people from government, to talk about what the economy is likely to be like.

On the importance of attending the programme, Mr Tunji stated that, the programme creates opportunity for learning, using himself as an example, emphasizing that, when he started, there was no free or available information at his disposal.

Talking about diversification of resources, another guest on the programme, Molade Adeniyi also said, there are indications that Nigeria will still depend on oil for some time, but other sectors are there like agriculture; emphasizing that there will be information that can help people run their business more intelligently.

According Adeniyi, another advantage of the Vantage forum is the exhibition session, where by people with businesses can come and showcase their product and people telling their stories of how they started their businesses, the difficulties and the reasons they are still succeeding going about their business and network with other people.

Dishing out more information on the exhibition, Mr Iyiola stated that, it is free for everyone, but free to some extent, as long as the criteria ,is met, stressing that there are limited slots for people.

The advantages of media coverage and content creation was not left out as Mr Iyiola stated that, there will certainly be media converge, and contents will be created form the programme.

Talking specifically about greatness, he also demystified greatness from their own point of view as, service to the people; and to achieve that, they organised an outreach programme for people who are in need and their children are not going to school and they pay their fees free; stressing they also have prison outreach ministries, whereby they help both members and people out there to get information for their business.

In conclusion, Mr Iyiola while urging the public to go and register for the programme that comes up on the 31 of January revealed that the theme for the current edition of Vantage Forum is: “2019 And Beyond, Driving National Prosperity’’.