The trend about social media is all over the place but there are certain things that most people refuse to put into consideration, to get the best out of the social media.

Today, there are some few set of people who have distinguished themselves and have made outstanding achievements, when the word social media is being motioned.

The CEO of Jackbell Media, Joy Akosa, is one personality that has proven to be an expert who has really  explored most of the benefits social media has to offer.

Speaking as a guest on the programme ”Today on STV”, Joy said before one becomes an influencer, he or she should be able to say something to people that will make them want to do what one say.

Concerning followers, online, Joy said, it is not about having the followers, but how to engage them and how to do sponsored adverts, stressing that, without sponsored ads, no matter the number of followers one has, they will not buy a product, emphasising that, even if one person buys today, he may not buy tomorrow.

Speaking further, the life style and food blogger stated that, some people do not know anything about business marketing revealing that, a social media expert should connect to followers because, there are lots of business pages on line.

On online payment and card transaction platform, the digital and social media marketer said, a dollar card is important because CBN has ordered that there is a payment form should be Pay- U is the payment card accepted, emphasising that there are more digital marketers outside Nigeria

The digital marketer whose personal page has 52,000 followers also said, a social media expert should know how to you use You-Tube, how to do promotion on you tube, twitter, SEO which is Search Engine Optimization, how to build follower and how to engage the followers, laying emphasis that the word digital is just the tool but the marketing aspect is what people want.

Making comments on the area of videos, Joy also revealed that, to be on the explore page, videos do better than pictures, but something unusual has to be done stressing that people also need to engage on that particular page before it gets to the explore page

On the use of auto comment, Joy said, it is very important, because it brings up compiled comment often, even if the person is not commenting at that particular moment.