Decorating a house, specifically a room and various sections of the house, to most people differ in terms of concepts and ideas.

Some people do have different reasons for furnishing various sections of their houses the way they have done it.

On the programme ”Today On STV”, experts from This Great Room, shared vital tips to notice, when choosing furniture and how to put them in order.

The great room, located at 28 Ahmadu Bello Road, Victoria Island, Lagos, is a furniture company that is not only in the business of selling imported furniture, but renders services in the area of choosing the right colours of furniture to suit a customer’s taste.

According to the sales persons, the vital tips to be identified are: the colour, space and size of the room or the house and how to combine everything together.

Speaking further, they said,. In terms of beddings, the colour skin should be identified, having in mind the space which is also very important.

They also said, the furniture do not need to be choked up in a particular place.

Buttressing on colours, they stated that some people want their sitting room uniform in colour, others want it plain while some may choose cream in the dining, and beige in the sitting room; they stressed that the most important thing is to choose a good colour combination.

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