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    Chimamanda Adichie Talks Poor State Of ‘Light’ In Nigeria

    Article written by award-winning writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, first published on the New York Times.   We call it light; “electricity” is too sterile a word, and “power” too stiff, for this Nigerian phenomenon that can buoy spirits and smother dreams. Whenever I have been away from home for a while, my first question upon returning is always: “How has light been?” The response, from my gateman, comes in mournful degrees of a head shake. Bad. Very bad. The quality is as poor as the supply: Light bulbs dim like tired, resentful candles. Robust fans slow to a sluggish limp. Air-conditioners bleat and groan and make sounds they were not...Read More>> |

    The Joint Task Force Must Adhere To The Rules Of Engament As Provided In International Instruments In Its Onslaught Against Boko Haram Insurgents

    Following Mr President Declaration of state of emergency in North Eastern States of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe on May 14th 2013, it is pertinent that the Joint Task Force adhere to international rule of engagement as well as the terms of the President Emergency proclamation.  Jamā'a Ahl al-sunnah li-da'wa wa al-jihād), locally called   Boko Haram "Western which means education is sinful"), Began its violence campaign in 2009, After the killing of Mohammed Yusuf, the founder of the sect in a controversial manner by the Nigerian security forces.   According to Wikipedia, From January 2011 till date Boko Haram insurgents have carried out the...Read More>> |

    Why the Nigeria Governors’ Forum Crisis Deserves all the Hype

    A journalist friend wrote: “Why is the NGF issue overheating the political scene in Nigeria? This is an association that is very much like an NGO and it is making headlines more than real time issues in the country. This is what I define as misplaced priorities for the media.”   I find such statement disturbing for several reasons and submit thus: That although the Nigeria Governors’ Forum is an association which does not derive its existence from the constitution, it is no ordinary group that should be ignored. Besides, NGOs are not meant to be ignored, especially those that are engaged in issues that touch on the core of the existence of a...Read More>> |