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    The Psychology of Colors

    We often associate colors with feelings and emotions, but is there a science to how we behave when we interact with different colors. This article I recently read shows the effects of colors in our home, advertising, and in general.    Colors in the Home Office – Blue, the most productive color  Bedroom – Green, tranquility and health  Girl’s room – Pink, calming and warm  Kitchen – Yellow, increases metabolism brightens room, and gives you energy  Living room – Lavender, calms the nerves allows relaxation  Dining room – Red, encourages appetite.    Primary Colors Yellow – Cheerful or warm, most likely to strain eyes or cause eye...Read More>> |

    White Lies

    There are some lies people tell that are totally irrelevant. Sometimes people just surprise you by saying totally unecessary lies. You know they are lying, but you’re enjoying their yarns too much to stop them. A while back a friend of mine I held in high regard showed me a picture and told me she took the picture in Dubai when she traveled for the summer. Unknown to her I had been in her "Dubai location" previously. It is a serene small quaint estate occupied by mostly Lebanese people in Lekki. I just smiled and gingered her into gisting me about her summer trip to Dubai. I know many people have been in this type of awkwardly hilarious...Read More>> |