I’m going to compare a guy that I dated, who I (thought) I was madly in love with and who seemed madly in love with me, to the man that I married, who undoubtedly loves me.

The boyfriend whispered sweet nothings to me, wrote me several love songs, he made my heart swoon and my knees weak. He fed my mind with useless blubber, that he knew would make me melt. He was a romantic, and he did very well at it. Ultimately, he ended our newly blossoming relationship for someone else, claiming she needed him more. I had never been more heartbroken in my life, and almost married someone else (not my husband), just because I thought I couldn’t do better than him, I thankfully called it off. We would both pursue each other for 5 years, until I married my now husband, and to this day, he still tries to message me, wanting me to leave my husband for him. I do not talk to him. That was never love, but infatuation and lust.

My husband has known me since we started high school, over ten years ago. He was my first high school boyfriend, and when I moved, he tried relentlessly to be with me, and eventually succeeded. He never sweet talked me, he spoke to me with kindness and respect. He made me feel special by asking me every single day how my day went and that he hoped it was going well. He was a gentleman when he finally started courting me, and was himself. At first, I wasn’t sure about him because he wasn’t “romantic”, but overtime, I learned that he was the most romantic man I have ever met. He doesn’t tell me I am beautiful with his words, he tells me with his eyes. I always know when I look good by the way he looks at me. He does tell, of course, but its so rare. I like it that way, though. If you look at photos with the two of us, the way he looks at me is just astounding, and even shocks me every time I look at the photos. I’ve never seen anyone look at me like that. He goes out of his way to do things for, like bring me home a favorite treat, or do the dishes on his own. If I ask him for a favor, he will immediately do it, no “just one second”. He tells me he appreciates everything I do for him. We haven’t had a real argument since February 2016, we realize that life is too short. After that one argument, we both took to ourselves to figure out why and how it happened, and since have found ways to ensure that it doesn’t. Forgiving someone when they are not sorry, for instance.

Oh, this is making me miss him so much more than I already do!

Source: Quora