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    Can I Wear This In Nigeria?!?

    By Obaro Alordiah Coming to Nigeria (from the UK)  for almost a year, I had to think what would I wear and also what to buy. I am currently doing an internship, so with that being said that means working 9-5 Monday to Friday. So apart from gaining creditable and valuable experience from the internship, it came to my mind what would I be wearing. I mean I’ve worked before but those jobs all required uniform, so working in an environment where there isn’t any uniform, required me to know what to bring and buy. When I got to Nigeria I was so shocked at some of the items I saw people wearing, here are a few of them: 1) Ripped...Read More>> |

    Does Makeup Really Cover it up?

    Make up is a phenomenon in this generation, maybe even becoming a craze. It is any item or substance applied to the skin to improve its general appearance, according to the report from Telegraph United Kingdom. Humans have been wearing makeup since time immemorial. It dates far back to the cave man days. Makeup back then was just the easy eye colouring that is reminiscent of most Egyptians work where eyes are coloured with kohl and other parts and substances. During this time Egyptians were very much conscious of the results of the harsh sun on their skin, as a result of this a kind of lotion was made which keeps their skin moisturized and...Read More>> |

    How To Pose For Photos

    A successful portrait shoot depends a lot on whether or not the subject is relaxed and up to the challenge of being the center of attention. As the photographer, it’s up to you to give direction and coach your clients to help both of you make better photographs. Unfortunately, many photographers have difficulty conveying instruction because they themselves are uncomfortable in front of the camera or, perhaps, they just need to brush up on their communication skills. Either way, the following video could prove to be helpful since it is chock full of great tips to give your client: You could really get a head start and email them the...Read More>> |

    How to Keep Your Lipstick In Place

    Today, I wanted to share a little beauty tip for all my lipstick-loving ladies.  There’s no easier way to amp up your look than by swiping on a bold lip color.  Unfortunately, the lip color might look great at first, but half an hour later, you’ll look in the mirror and notice it feathering, streaking or fading.  No thanks! To keep your lipstick in place, just incorporate one extra step into your makeup routine – foundation...on your lips.  That’s right – foundation gives your lipstick something to stick to!  After that make sure to choose a wax-based lip liner; it will create a barrier that will keep your lip color from bleeding.  Here’s a...Read More>> |

    5 Steps to 5-Minute Make Up

    Most of our mornings are so rushed, that it leaves us with little to no time for grooming. But, your morning make up routine does not have to be a time consuming task. Just apply the golden rule – “less is more” and you’re good to go. Concealer  Begin by applying a concealer under your eyes and on blemishes. Use a very small amount of concealer and pat it on your skin, do not rub. You can alternatively also use a brush, sponge or your fingertips. Make sure to pick a shade that is close to your natural skin tone.  Skin correcting cream  Ditch your foundation and instead use a skin correcting cream to help illuminate, nourish and even out...Read More>> |

    How to Pronounce Fashion Brands And Names

    So you think you can pronounce the names of the designers you wear, well check out the actual pronunciation of these few. Lanvin is pronounced "lawn-vahn" Audemars Piguet is pronounced "awe-duh-mar pee-guet" Bvlgari is pronounced"bull-guh-ree"...who knew? well watch the video below and learn more designer pronunciation and stand out amongst many who flunk at it.     Read More>> |

    Folake Folarin-Coker and the Tiffany Amber brand

    Folake Folarin-Coker and the Tiffany Amber Brand One of the many fashion and design brands giving Africa the kind of recognition it deserves internationally is the Nigerian-owned Tiffany Amber. Although Tiffany Amber is a very modern brand the line’s success story started almost two and half decades ago in 1998. The brand’s success comes from striking the balance between local flavour and international appeal. Before choosing a full-time career in fashion and design, Folarin-Coker was torn between choosing the safe option of a law career and the former, which she loved to bits. In 1998 she finally decided to dedicate herself to fashion. Ten...Read More>> |

    Ankara: African Print Gone Global

    African print is all the rage with celebrities like Kim Kardasian, Fergie, Alicia Keys, Amber Rose, Rihanna, Beyonce and Solange Knowles sporting the latest in Ankara Fashion.  If you love print on your clothing try the vibrant patterns of colorful designs gracing the runway made from a Fabric popularly known as Ankara (African Wax).  African wax is made of cotton or cotton/poly material and it was originally exported to the Gold Coast and spread to West Africa then into Central Africa. Ankara was largely produced in Nigeria and was worn as everyday casual wear customized to fit the style of the individual wearing it. It has become...Read More>> |

    Clutches & High Heels

    A more elegant alternative to Handbags are Clutches. Clutches are a woman’s accessory created to hold just a few essentials. Clutch bags are carried by hand or can have a detachable chain or leather strap so they can also be worn hanging by the shoulder.   Clutches come in a variety of shapes, makes and styles depending on the brand and season. They can come in little square boxes, triangles, heart shapes, covered in satin, beads or brocade take your pick. Even though Clutch bags lack lots of space for the day to day essentials we carry around, they make up for this fatal flaw by looking Stylish and Elegant.  Clutches can be placed in...Read More>> |