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    Do NOT Get Married Unless You've Learned These 4 Critical Skills

    Before someone gets a driver's license, they take a drivers ed course, practice with the help of an experienced driver, and closely study the rulebook. These are all valuable things to do, because driving without the necessary skills would make someone a menace on the roads, and a danger to themself and others. The same thought process applies to marriage, as well. Before getting a marriage license, people must learn how to do the high-skills activity that partnership requires. Otherwise, couples are at risk for intense fighting, and launching a marriage that's at risk from the outset.  Multiple research projects have clearly established...Read More>> |

    Chimamanda Adichie Talks Poor State Of ‘Light’ In Nigeria

    Article written by award-winning writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, first published on the New York Times.   We call it light; “electricity” is too sterile a word, and “power” too stiff, for this Nigerian phenomenon that can buoy spirits and smother dreams. Whenever I have been away from home for a while, my first question upon returning is always: “How has light been?” The response, from my gateman, comes in mournful degrees of a head shake. Bad. Very bad. The quality is as poor as the supply: Light bulbs dim like tired, resentful candles. Robust fans slow to a sluggish limp. Air-conditioners bleat and groan and make sounds they were not...Read More>> |

    What is The Right Age to Educate a Child About Sex?

    Parents really make a difference they talk to their our kids. As a matter of fact, with good parenting, children might often name their parents as the biggest influence in their decisions about sex depending on how open the parent has been to the child about this topic.  Talking to our Kids about sex and sexuality may not always be easy and we all are in this together because at some point, we have to. In your opinion , What is the right age to educate a child about sex?   Read More>> |

    Safety Tips to Remember When Handling Fireworks

    During the festive season, you are most likely to see brighter skylines at night due to the fact that more people engage in the use of firecrackers as a means to mark an end to the year. One thing you must note is that these form of celebration could turn disastrous if adequate measures are not properly put in place to ensure safe handling of these pyrotechnic devices used for entertainment. Below are some important safety tips; -Buy ready-made fireworks rather than making your own, even from a kit. -Make sure an adult is present at all times. -Don't allow little kids to operate fireworks, even sparklers. -Buy only legal fireworks that...Read More>> |