• What Does “Think Outside of the Box” Mean?

    And, How Do You Go About Doing It? Among the most well-worn phrases in the business world is “thinking outside the box”. It is supposed to mean thinking creatively, freely, and off the beaten path. It’s the kind of thinking that — in an age of increasingly powerful algorithms and neural networks — garners significant attention. For now, it’s the kind of stuff that machines can’t do that well. One supposed story of the term’s origin is actually a great illustration (literally) of what this kind of thinking is, and why it’s so sought-after. As the story goes, management consulting groups in the 1960s and 70s began using a particular puzzle...Read More>> |

    How Do You Know If A Man Is Really In Love?

    I’m going to compare a guy that I dated, who I (thought) I was madly in love with and who seemed madly in love with me, to the man that I married, who undoubtedly loves me. The boyfriend whispered sweet nothings to me, wrote me several love songs, he made my heart swoon and my knees weak. He fed my mind with useless blubber, that he knew would make me melt. He was a romantic, and he did very well at it. Ultimately, he ended our newly blossoming relationship for someone else, claiming she needed him more. I had never been more heartbroken in my life, and almost married someone else (not my husband), just because I thought I couldn’t do better...Read More>> |

    Can I Wear This In Nigeria?!?

    By Obaro Alordiah Coming to Nigeria (from the UK)  for almost a year, I had to think what would I wear and also what to buy. I am currently doing an internship, so with that being said that means working 9-5 Monday to Friday. So apart from gaining creditable and valuable experience from the internship, it came to my mind what would I be wearing. I mean I’ve worked before but those jobs all required uniform, so working in an environment where there isn’t any uniform, required me to know what to bring and buy. When I got to Nigeria I was so shocked at some of the items I saw people wearing, here are a few of them: 1) Ripped...Read More>> |

    Amazing Things Bananas Do For Your Body

    You will feel happy Because the B9 in bananas helps serotonin enter your brain fster, like an anti-depressant. You will reduce cholestorol Thanks to the phytosterois in bananas, healthy compounds that have amazing LDL cholesterol lowering effects. You will get stronger Due to the magnesium which helps in protein synthesis that increases lean body mass You will reduce belly bloat It was discoveered that women who ate bananas twice a day reduced their belly loat by 50% You will get banan-albs Thanks to the choline, a weight loss B vitamin that acts directly on belly fat genes You will feel...normal Bananas are rich in resistant starch which...Read More>> |

    Does Makeup Really Cover it up?

    Make up is a phenomenon in this generation, maybe even becoming a craze. It is any item or substance applied to the skin to improve its general appearance, according to the report from Telegraph United Kingdom. Humans have been wearing makeup since time immemorial. It dates far back to the cave man days. Makeup back then was just the easy eye colouring that is reminiscent of most Egyptians work where eyes are coloured with kohl and other parts and substances. During this time Egyptians were very much conscious of the results of the harsh sun on their skin, as a result of this a kind of lotion was made which keeps their skin moisturized and...Read More>> |

    5 Things You Should Know About Cholesterol

    Recent research shows no substantial relationship between the consumption of dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels Cholesterol seems to be one of those words that’s in everyone’s vocabulary, but many of my clients are incredibly confused about what cholesterol is, and how it affects their health. It also happens to be buzzing in the media at the moment, thanks to a new report from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, a group of top nutrition researchers who advise the government about what and how Americans should be eating. Cholesterol is only found in animal-based foods There are two types: dietary cholesterol and blood...Read More>> |

    Do NOT Get Married Unless You've Learned These 4 Critical Skills

    Before someone gets a driver's license, they take a drivers ed course, practice with the help of an experienced driver, and closely study the rulebook. These are all valuable things to do, because driving without the necessary skills would make someone a menace on the roads, and a danger to themself and others. The same thought process applies to marriage, as well. Before getting a marriage license, people must learn how to do the high-skills activity that partnership requires. Otherwise, couples are at risk for intense fighting, and launching a marriage that's at risk from the outset.  Multiple research projects have clearly established...Read More>> |

    How To Pose For Photos

    A successful portrait shoot depends a lot on whether or not the subject is relaxed and up to the challenge of being the center of attention. As the photographer, it’s up to you to give direction and coach your clients to help both of you make better photographs. Unfortunately, many photographers have difficulty conveying instruction because they themselves are uncomfortable in front of the camera or, perhaps, they just need to brush up on their communication skills. Either way, the following video could prove to be helpful since it is chock full of great tips to give your client: You could really get a head start and email them the...Read More>> |

    Chimamanda Adichie Talks Poor State Of ‘Light’ In Nigeria

    Article written by award-winning writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, first published on the New York Times.   We call it light; “electricity” is too sterile a word, and “power” too stiff, for this Nigerian phenomenon that can buoy spirits and smother dreams. Whenever I have been away from home for a while, my first question upon returning is always: “How has light been?” The response, from my gateman, comes in mournful degrees of a head shake. Bad. Very bad. The quality is as poor as the supply: Light bulbs dim like tired, resentful candles. Robust fans slow to a sluggish limp. Air-conditioners bleat and groan and make sounds they were not...Read More>> |

    Here Are 7 Things To Make You Feel Good

    Take heart in this baker’s half-dozen of indulgences that can make you feel better and live longer.  If you feel as though everyone’s on your case about working out, avoiding fat-laden foods and not being a couch potato, don’t despair. Luxuriate in these cheap and easy luxuries. No thousand-dollar-a-minute health spas here – these are things you can do anywhere.   Stretch. As children, we start off being able to do the splits, climb trees and crawl through small spaces all day long, with no ill-effects. Once we reach adulthood, we spend our days sitting down and our agility takes a dive. Then mowing the lawn leaves us feeling stiff and...Read More>> |