By Obaro Alordiah

Coming to Nigeria (from the UK)  for almost a year, I had to think what would I wear and also what to buy. I am currently doing an internship, so with that being said that means working 9-5 Monday to Friday. So apart from gaining creditable and valuable experience from the internship, it came to my mind what would I be wearing. I mean I’ve worked before but those jobs all required uniform, so working in an environment where there isn’t any uniform, required me to know what to bring and buy. When I got to Nigeria I was so shocked at some of the items I saw people wearing, here are a few of them:

1) Ripped Jeans

So I have a number of ripped jeans, but there was one in particular I was skeptical about bringing due to the number of rips it had and I was worried I would get a series of looks due to my skin being on show. Now I regret not bringing them! Left right and center I see so many Nigerians wearing these including guys with multiple rips. This is absolutely one of the biggest ‘things’ here.

2) Trainers

I love trainers, for the simple fact that there of course comfortable, but bringing them to a hot country I was a bit worried that my feet will sweat and they would get dirty.
Little did I know that I would be inside an office majority of the time, so its highly unlikely for them to get dirty. Although I did bring a few sneakers along these were mainly for the gym.

3) Black

You know the saying “all black everything”, well this has to be one of my favourite looks but due to the heat my subconscious wouldn’t allow me to do this.

To be fair this can actually be worn, it just depends on how you wear it for example keeping it light and simple, black top, black skirt and black shoes and your good to go.

4) Jackets/cardigans

This one is very debatable, when a couple of people told me that it gets cold in Nigeria which is known as the Harmattan period I couldn’t believe that it would be cold in such a hot country. 
But I’m telling you there are some mornings I’ve had to wake up and put on a cardigan and the AC isn’t even on!