Recent studies have shown that women are desperate to stop feeling so self conscious, and to stop worrying about their bodies. It seems to be a female problem… from how we look to how we feel and smell, we are always worrying about something! Well it’s time to take the bull by the horns, and get some body confidence. Here are some tips to help you!
Spend More Time In The Mirror 
If you’re like most women who aren’t comfortable with their bodies, you try and avoid yourself in the mirror- especially while nude. Here’s the harsh reality: the mental effects of seeing yourself in the nude more often can actually change your perception of your body, drastically!
For instance, if you make an effort to do your hair and makeup in the nude just once per week, it will start to change the way you see your body.  Focusing on something other than your naked body- in this case, your hair or makeup, will help you become more comfortable facing yourself in the mirror more often, naked or not.
While at first this may be uncomfortable, after forcing your naked image to be in your face more often, you’ll soon get used to seeing your reflection without looking away or picking it apart.
Change Your Inner Dialogue
No you’re not a crazy person- we all talk to ourselves! But instead of nagging thoughts and whining about what you want to change, focus on what you like about yourself, by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.
Tell yourself how proud you are that your body can do x, y and z.
Maybe you’re a new mom and although there are things about your post-baby body you’re still trying to accept, be proud that your body carried and gave birth to an amazing little human being!
Instead of being consumed with the fact that your thighs are bigger than you’d like them to be, be happy that those thighs help carry you through life, and maybe even make you an awesome speed walker or runner.
Maybe you don’t like showing your arms, but you’re a kick-ass cook, so you should be thankful for those strong arms that can whip up a meal like nobody’s business!
By now I’m sure you’ve gotten the point.
Whatever your body hang-up is, find a way to change the negative into a positive, and over time, the positive thought will outshine the negative one.
Surround Youself With Body Positive People
We’ve all heard that misery loves company, and it’s true! If you’re friends with someone who constantly rags on their own body, their self-hate may be affecting the way you view your own. The next time your friend brings up her body hang-up, tell her why she should learn to love and accept it, and turn the conversation around.  
Discuss the things you love about your bodies vs. the things you loathe, and the positivity will spread like wildfire.  Remember: the effect of a positive thought is so much greater than a negative one.
Give Yourself A Reality Check
Celebrities have glam squads that make their skin and hair look perfect. They’re airbrushed, and their pictures are taken in perfect lighting and most of us don’t look like that in real life.
We have households to run, a job to do, other people to care for and not enough time in the day to take care of ourselves- and that’s okay! No one is perfect, so don’t set that standard for yourself.  
Aspire to be the best version of yourself, not the unrealistic ideals of beauty we see in the media which most of the time aren’t real.
Stop Bad Mouthing Celebrities
It’s easy to read gossip magazines,blogs, websites or E! news and trash-talk celebrities, but this often translates to trash-talking women you see on the street, on the internet, and most importantly the one you see in the mirror.
Instead of looking for flaws, give a compliment, and mean it! 
Over time, you’ll start to compliment yourself vs. putting yourself down. Truth be told, no one’s perfect, but that doesn’t mean we should look for imperfections. 
Feel Good, Look Good
Feeling good about yourself is so much more than the clothes you wear, or making sure your roots aren’t showing. For most of us, making the effort to look good, makes us feel good internally, thus boosting self-esteem and confidence. 
 For you, that might mean going au naturel on the daily, or never leaving the house without a full face of makeup. Either way, make an effort to take care of yourself in the ways that make you feel good. Go the extra mile and paint your nails, get a weekly blow out, learn to do a perfect top knot- whatever it is that makes you feel amazing, do that!
Smile More
In the past if someone looked my way, I thought it was because they were either laughing inside about how freakishly tall I am in heels, or how my hair is much too big for my head.  Now, when I catch someone looking my way, I smile with confidence, even if I don’t necessarily feel confident at the moment.  
Forcing yourself to smile can trick your mind and body into thinking you feel confident and amazing, and eventually the feelings of insecurity will go away and you will feel confident and amazing.
Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it!